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A Wavelet and Advanced Wavelet Analysis for Wavelet Domain Communication System (WDCS) (A Way to Designing Communication System for Cognitive Radio)

  title={A Wavelet and Advanced Wavelet Analysis for Wavelet Domain Communication System (WDCS) (A Way to Designing Communication System for Cognitive Radio)},
  author={Mrinal Sharma and Meenakshi Sharma},
Wavelet analysis is an exciting new method for solving difficult problems in mathematics, physics, and engineering, with modern applications. Wavelet transform of a function is the improved version of Fourier transform. In conventional Fourier transform, we use sinusoids for basis functions. It can only provide the frequency information. Temporal information is lost in this transformation process. In some applications, we need to know the frequency and temporal information at the same time The… Expand


An Enhanced Wavelet Domain Communication System (EWDCS) with Nonstationary Interference Avoidance Capability
The results indicate the proposed EWDCS is a viable approach to highly reliable communication or cognitive radio technology and offers comparable bit error performance under stationary interference such as with single-tone, multiple-tone and partial-band interference. Expand
A Wavelet Approach to Wideband Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios
  • Z. Tian, G. Giannakis
  • Computer Science
  • 2006 1st International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications
  • 2006
A wavelet approach to efficient spectrum sensing of wideband channels based on the local maxima of the wavelet transform modulus and the multi-scale wavelet products is developed. Expand
The Haar-Wavelet Transform in Digital Image Processing: Its Status and Achievements
Image processing and analysis based on the continuous or discrete image transforms are classic techniques. The image transforms are widely used in image filtering, data description, etc. Nowadays theExpand
The wavelet transform, time-frequency localization and signal analysis
  • I. Daubechies
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1990
Two different procedures for effecting a frequency analysis of a time-dependent signal locally in time are studied and the notion of time-frequency localization is made precise, within this framework, by two localization theorems. Expand
The discrete wavelet transform: wedding the a trous and Mallat algorithms
  • M. Shensa
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Signal Process.
  • 1992
It is shown that the commonly used Lagrange a trous filters are in one-to-one correspondence with the convolutional squares of the Daubechies filters for orthonormal wavelets of compact support. Expand
Wavelet domain communication system (WDCS) interference avoidance capability: analytic, modeling and simulation results
Results indicate the proposed wavelet domain communication system, using transform domain processing, is a viable option for interference avoidance communications. Expand
The Stationary Wavelet Transform and some Statistical Applications
Wavelets are of wide potential use in statistical contexts. The basics of the discrete wavelet transform are reviewed using a filter notation that is useful subsequently in the paper. A ‘stationaryExpand
A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis.
A practical step-by-step guide to wavelet analysis is given, with examples taken from time series of the El Nino–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The guide includes a comparison to the windowed FourierExpand
Image Compression Using Modified Fast Haar Wavelet Transform
Wavelets are mathematical tools for hierarchically decomposing functions. Wavelet Transform has been proved to be a very useful tool for image processing in recent years. It allows a function whichExpand
An introduction to wavelets
The mathematics have been worked out in excruciating detail, and wavelet theory is now in the refinement stage, which involves generalizing and extending wavelets, such as in extending wavelet packet techniques. Expand