A Vision System for Autonomous Weed Detection Robot

  title={A Vision System for Autonomous Weed Detection Robot},
  author={Muhammad Asif and Samreen Amir and Amber Israr and M. Faraz},
  journal={International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering},
  • M. Asif, S. Amir, M. Faraz
  • Published 2010
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering
In this paper, a vision guidance system for automated weed detection robot is presented. [] Key Method The dynamic model is used for evolution of values over time and to predict the changes in pose and orientation from frame to frame. The vision system is implemented and simulated in Matlab, and it is observed that the developed system successfully detects and calculates the pose and orientation of the crop boundaries on both real and synthetic images.

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