A Verification Logic for Rewriting Logic


This paper proposes the development of a logic for verifying properties of programs in rewriting logic. Rewriting logic is primarily a logic of change, in which deduction corresponds directly to computation, and not a logic to talk about change in a more indirect and global manner, such as the different modal and temporal logics that can be found in the… (More)
DOI: 10.1093/logcom/exi015


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@article{MartOliet2005AVL, title={A Verification Logic for Rewriting Logic}, author={Narciso Mart{\'i}-Oliet and Isabel Pita and Jos{\'e} Luiz Fiadeiro and Jos{\'e} Meseguer and T. S. E. Maibaum}, journal={J. Log. Comput.}, year={2005}, volume={15}, pages={317-352} }