A VLBA Trigonometric Parallax for RR Aql and the Mira PL Relation

  title={A VLBA Trigonometric Parallax for RR Aql and the Mira PL Relation},
  author={Yan-Guo Sun and Bo Zhang and Mark J. Reid and Shuangjing Xu and Shiming Wen and Jingdong Zhang and Xing-wu Zheng},
We report VLBA observations of 22 GHz H 2 O and 43 GHz SiO masers toward the Mira variable RR Aql. By fitting the SiO maser emission to a circular ring, we estimate the absolute stellar position of RR Aql and find agreement with Gaia astrometry to within the joint uncertainty of ≈ 1 mas. Using the maser astrometry we measure a stellar parallax of 2.44 ± 0.07 mas, corresponding to a distance of 410 +12 − 11 pc. The maser parallax deviates significantly from the Gaia EDR3 parallax of 1.95 ± 0.11 mas… 



European VLBI Network Symposium and EVN Users Meeting: VLBI and the New Generation of Radio Arrays

  • 2010

we have adjusted the zero-point and its uncertainty to an updated distance modulus of 18.477 ± 0.026 mag (Pietrzyński et al. 2019). The slope of the PLR for M 33 by

  • 2013

Data Analysis–A Bayesian Tutorial, 2nd edn. (Oxford Science Publications

  • 2006