A Utility-Scale Flywheel Energy Storage System with a Shaftless, Hubless, High-Strength Steel Rotor

  title={A Utility-Scale Flywheel Energy Storage System with a Shaftless, Hubless, High-Strength Steel Rotor},
  author={Xiaojun Li and Bahareh Anvari and Alan B. Palazzolo and Zhiyang Wang and Hamid A. Toliyat},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
Energy storage is crucial for both smart grids and renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, which are intermittent in nature. Compared to electrochemical batteries, flywheel energy storage systems (ESSs) offer many unique benefits such as low environmental impact, high power quality, and larger life cycles. This paper presents a novel utility-scale flywheel ESS that features a shaftless, hubless flywheel. The unique shaftless design gives it the potential of doubled energy density and a… 
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