A User Interface for Resource Management in a Mobile Environment


This paper describes a user interface for QoS management in mobile IP networks. The paper context is built in conformance with the generic signaling environment, which is standardized by the NSIS IETF working group. In this work, we investigate the use of some techniques of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) domain to implement a user interface called NIA (Negotiation Individual Assistant) in order to determine the QoS profile and negotiate the QoS parameters in the new domain after the handover. Therefore, we use the connectionist learning in the management of the negotiation profiles and the agent technology to help the user to choose the best service provider, dynamically negotiate the QoS on the user’s behalf, follow the user’s behaviour to be able to anticipate the negotiation and manage the renegotiation. The resource management, presented in this work, provides to mobile terminals the required QoS based on user's mobility and QoS profile. This QoS profile is determined by the NIA.

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