A Useful Experimental Model of Short Bowel Syndrome.

  title={A Useful Experimental Model of Short Bowel Syndrome.},
  author={Janeiro M C Perez and J A Prada Oliveira and C G{\'o}mez Luy and J J Vallo De Castro and C. Ver{\'a}stegui Escolano},
  journal={Journal of investigative surgery : the official journal of the Academy of Surgical Research},
  volume={17 1},
The short bowel syndrome is a well-known human clinical entity that produces serious metabolic disorders. This syndrome arises after a massive resection of more than 50% of the small intestine, when the intestine attempts to minimize the consequent irregularities by means of compensatory mechanisms. Many reports suggest that an exocrine and endocrine pancreatic dysfunction is associated with enterohormones and an abnormal altered nutrient flow. In this report, we present an experimental model… CONTINUE READING

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