A Unified Treatment of Partial Stragglers and Sparse Matrices in Coded Matrix Computation

  title={A Unified Treatment of Partial Stragglers and Sparse Matrices in Coded Matrix Computation},
  author={Anindya Bijoy Das and Aditya Ramamoorthy},
  journal={2021 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW)},
  • Anindya Bijoy Das, A. Ramamoorthy
  • Published 24 September 2021
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2021 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW)
The overall execution time of distributed matrix computations is often dominated by slow worker nodes (stragglers) over the clusters. Recently, different coding techniques have been utilized to mitigate the effect of stragglers where worker nodes are assigned the task of processing encoded submatrices of the original matrices. In many machine learning or optimization problems the relevant matrices are often sparse. Several coded computation methods operate with dense linear combinations of the… Expand

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