A-Type GABA Receptor as a Central Target of TRPM8 Agonist Menthol

  title={A-Type GABA Receptor as a Central Target of TRPM8 Agonist Menthol},
  author={Xiaobing Zhang and Peng Jiang and Neng Gong and Xiao-ling Hu and Da Fei and Zhi-qi Xiong and Lin Huao Xu and Tian-le Xu},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  pages={215 - 229}
Menthol is a widely-used cooling and flavoring agent derived from mint leaves. In the peripheral nervous system, menthol regulates sensory transduction by activating TRPM8 channels residing specifically in primary sensory neurons. Although behavioral studies have implicated menthol actions in the brain, no direct central target of menthol has been identified. Here we show that menthol reduces the excitation of rat hippocampal neurons in culture and suppresses the epileptic activity induced by… CONTINUE READING


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