A Tutorial on the IQL Query Language

  title={A Tutorial on the IQL Query Language},
  author={Alexandra Poulovassilis},
IQL is a typed, functional language. It supports strings (e.g. ’Computer Science’), booleans (True, False), real numbers (e.g. 10.51) and integers. It also supports tuples (e.g. {1,2,3}), lists (e.g. [1,2,3]), sets and bags1. Tuples, lists, sets and bags can be arbitrarily nested, e.g. [{[1,2,3],[4,5]}, {[3,4],[1,2,5]}, {[],[6,7,8]}] is a list of pairs, each of whose components is a list of numbers. A number of built-in functions and operators are provided e.g… CONTINUE READING