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A Tutorial on Terahertz-Band Localization for 6G Communication Systems

  title={A Tutorial on Terahertz-Band Localization for 6G Communication Systems},
  author={Hui Chen and Hadi Sarieddeen and Tarig Ballal and Henk Wymeersch and Mohamed-Slim Alouini and Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri},
Terahertz (THz) communications are celebrated as key enablers for converged localization and sensing in future sixth-generation (6G) wireless communication systems and beyond. Instead of being a byproduct of the communication system, localization in 6G is indispensable for location-aware communications. Towards this end, we aim to identify the prospects, challenges, and requirements of THz localization techniques. We first review the history and trends of localization methods and discuss their… 


Next Generation Terahertz Communications: A Rendezvous of Sensing, Imaging, and Localization
It is posited that the breakthrough the THz band will introduce will not be solely driven by achievable high data rates, but more profoundly by the interaction between THz sensing, imaging, and localization applications.
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An in-depth view of Terahertz Band (0.1-10 THz) communication, which is envisioned as a key technology to satisfy the increasing demand for higher speed wireless communication, is provided.
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An in-depth view of channel modeling in the THz band, based on the deterministic, statistical, and hybrid methods is provided, which lays the foundation for reliable and efficient ultra-broadband wireless communications in theTHz band.
Indoor Terahertz Communications: How Many Antenna Arrays Are Needed?
Simulation results validate the effectiveness of the ergodic capacity upper bound, and show that the proposed THz system and antenna array structure can efficiently achieve capacity gains and support THz communications.
Coverage and Rate Analysis in Coexisting Terahertz and RF Finite Wireless Networks
A coexisting radio frequency (RF) and THz finite indoor network in which THz small cells are deployed to provide high data rates, and RF macrocells are deploy to satisfy coverage requirements is explored.
Convergent Communication, Sensing and Localization in 6G Systems: An Overview of Technologies, Opportunities and Challenges
6G will be truly intelligent wireless systems that will provide not only ubiquitous communication but also empower high accuracy localization and high-resolution sensing services, where localization and sensing will coexist with communication, continuously sharing the available resources in time, frequency, and space.
Ultramassive MIMO Systems at Terahertz Bands: Prospects and Challenges
A holistic overview of THz UM-MIMO systems, which assess recent advancements in transceiver design and channel modeling and discuss the major challenges and shortcomings of such designs by deriving the relationships among communication range, array dimensions, and system performance.
Multi-Ray Channel Modeling and Wideband Characterization for Wireless Communications in the Terahertz Band
A unified multi-ray channel model in the Terahertz Band is developed based on ray tracing techniques, which incorporates the propagation models for the line-of-sight, reflected, scattered, and diffracted paths to lay out the foundation for reliable and efficient ultra-high-speed wireless communications in the (0.06-10) THz Band.
An overview on integrated localization and communication towards 6G
After a holistic survey on wireless localization basics, the state-of-the-art results on how wireless localization and communication inter-play with each other in various network layers are presented, together with the main architectures and techniques for localization and Communication co-design in current 2D and future 3D networks with aerial-ground integration are presented.