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A Tutorial on Correlation Coefficients

  title={A Tutorial on Correlation Coefficients},
  author={Edel Garcia},
Published on: July 8, 2010; Last Modified: January 8, 2011 

Political Language in Economics

Does political ideology influence economic research? We rely upon purely inductive methods in natural language processing and machine learning to examine patterns of implicit political ideology in

Response to "An Examination of Plausible Score Correlation from the Trend in Mathematics and Science Study"

This article is a response to an article written by Wang and Ma "An Examination of Plausible Score Correlation from the Trend in Mathematics and Science Study", published in the Athens Journal of

An Examination of Plausible Score Correlation from the Trend in Mathematics and Science Study.

The United States invented a matrix sampling technique to impute five plausible scores of student performance in its National Assessment of Educational Progress. That approach was adopted by a Trend

Reliability of ultra-short-term analysis as a surrogate of standard 5-min analysis of heart rate variability.

Some HRV variables calculated from R-R interval series shorter than 5 min were well matched with those calculated from the 5-min R- R interval, suggesting that ultra-short-term HRV is likely to be a good surrogate method to assess trends in HRV.

Scatter in the shear capacity of slender RC members without web reinforcement: an overview study

All researchers who have tested the shear capacity of RC members without stirrups have observed a large scatter in the results.

Determination of General Circulation Model Domain Using LASSO to Improve Rainfall Prediction Accuracy in West Java

This study uses GCM data from CFSRv2 with gridresolution 2.5°×2.

Organisational learning, organisational ambidexterity, environmental turbulence, and NPD performance of Malaysian's manufacturing sector

Despite numerous studies proving that environmental turbulence was moderating the new product development (NPD) performance of manufacturing firms, it is however, still less stressed upon in

Health Information on Internet: Quality, Importance, and Popularity of Persian Health Websites

The Google PageRank did not properly reflect the real quality of evaluated websites and Internet users seeking online health information should not merely rely on it for any kind of prejudgment regarding Persian health websites, but can use Iran Alexa rank as a primary filtering tool of these websites.

A Font and Size Independent Content Based Retrieval System for Kannada Document Images

This paper presents a Content based image retrieval system for Kannada Document images that returns the documents in the database in which there is a similar word, with the word highlighted, given a query word.

Serum chemerin levels are independently associated with quality of life in colorectal cancer survivors: A pilot study

It is suggested that serum chemerin levels may have a significant association with CRC survivor QOL, and further prospective studies are required to confirm the clinical significance of this pilot study.



The average spearman rank correlation coefficient

A method is derived for finding the average Spearman rank correlation coefficient ofN sets of ranks with a single dependent or criterion ranking ofn items without computing any of the individual

An Average Correlation Coefficient

Abstract It is proposed that when a dependent variate y is classified into N sets of values with different predictive statistical relations for each classification, the associated correlation

Bias in Estimation and Hypothesis Testing of Correlation

This study examined bias in the sample correlation coefficient, r, and its correction by unbiased estimators. Computer simulations revealed that the expected value of correlation coefficients in

Unbiased Estimation of Certain Correlation Coefficients

1. Summary and introduction. This paper deals with the unbiased estimation of the correlation of two variates having a bivariate normal distribution (Sec. 2), and of the intraclass correlation, i.e.,


A meta‐analysis of data on molecular and quantitative measures of genetic variation found no significant relationship between the two measures for life‐history traits or for the quantitative measure generally considered as the best indicator of adaptive potential, heritability.

Correlation between Fitness and Genetic Diversity

Concerns that the loss of heterozygosity has a deleterious effect on population fitness are strengthened and the IUCN designation of genetic diversity as worthy of conservation is supported.

Standard deviations and standard errors

The standard deviation is a valid measure of variability regardless of the distribution, and is used as an estimate of the variability of the population from which the sample was drawn.

Networks that approximate vector-valued mappings

It is shown that, with a simple and relatively small set of connection weights, it is possible to represent a broad spectrum of vector patterns and to generate a functionally meaningful decomposition of these patterns into zero-curl and zero-divergence components.

Cortical correlates of learning in monkeys adapting to a new dynamical environment.

A sizable population of cells were found in the primary motor cortex of two monkeys that changed their tuning properties during exposure to the force field and maintained the acquired activity as the monkey readapted to the no-force condition.

Adaptive representation of dynamics during learning of a motor task

The investigation of how the CNS learns to control movements in different dynamical conditions, and how this learned behavior is represented, suggests that the elements of the adaptive process represent dynamics of a motor task in terms of the intrinsic coordinate system of the sensors and actuators.