A Tunable Plasmonic Refractive Index Sensor with Nanoring-Strip Graphene Arrays

  title={A Tunable Plasmonic Refractive Index Sensor with Nanoring-Strip Graphene Arrays},
  author={Chunlian Cen and Hang Lin and Jing Huang and Cuiping Liang and Xifang Chen and Yongjian Tang and Zao Yi and Xin Ye and Jiangwei Liu and Yougen Yi and Shuyuan Xiao},
  journal={Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)},
In the present study, we design a tunable plasmonic refractive index sensor with nanoring-strip graphene arrays. The calculations prove that the nanoring-strip have two transmission dips. By changing the strip length L of the present structure, we find that the nanoring-strip graphene arrays have a wide range of resonances (resonance wavelength increases from 17.73 μm to 28.15 μm). When changing the sensing medium refractive index nmed, the sensitivity of mode A and B can reach 2.97 μm/RIU and… Expand
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