A Tropical Freshwater Wetland: II. Production, Decomposition, and Peat Formation

  title={A Tropical Freshwater Wetland: II. Production, Decomposition, and Peat Formation},
  author={Rodney A. Chimner and Katherine C. Ewel},
  journal={Wetlands Ecology and Management},
As much as 10% of the total carbon stored in peatlands occurs in the tropics. Although tropical peatlands are poorly understood scientifically, they are increasingly exploited for a variety of human uses. Our objective was to measure baseline carbon cycling data in one type of tropical peatland in order to understand better how peat accumulates in these ecosystems. Average plant production for two study sites on the island of Kosrae in the Federated States of Micronesia over 2 year was 1122 g C… CONTINUE READING
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