A Treatise on Probability.

  title={A Treatise on Probability.},
  author={John Maynard Keynes},
  journal={Journal of the American Statistical Association},
  • J. Keynes
  • Published 1 March 1923
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association
F.Y. Edgeworth’s Treatise on Probabilities
Probability theory has a central role in Edgeworth’s thought; this paper examines the philosophical foundation of the theory. Starting from a frequentist position, Edgeworth introduced some
A non-probabilist principle of higher-order reasoning
Two versions of a new, nonprobabilist principle of epistemic rationality, the special and general versions of the metacognitive, expected relative frequency (MERF) principle are used to explain the rationality of revisions to an agent’s degrees of confidence in propositions based on evidence of the reliability or unreliability of the cognitive processes responsible for them.
  • D. Gillies
  • Philosophy
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1972
The subjective theory of probability emerged as a solution to certain problems which had arisen in the older logical view of probability. According to this logical account, a body of evidence e
The Beginnings of Axiomatic Subjective Probability
We study the origins of the axiomatization of subjective probabilities. Starting with the problem of how to measure subjective probabilities, our main goal was to search for the first explicit uses
Probability, logic and the cognitive foundations of rational belief
  • J. Fox
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Applied Logic
  • 2003
The logic and pragmatics of the representation and alteration of beliefs.
In this thesis, I show the extent to which the distinction between logical rationality (the consistency with a set of assumptions) and pragmatic rationality (the strong tendency of providing benefits
Explanationist Aid for the Theory of Inductive Logic
  • M. Huemer
  • Philosophy
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 2009
The resulting synthesis of Bayesian and inference-to-best-explanation approaches affords a principled defense of prior probability distributions that support induction.
The Deductivist Theory of Probability and Statistics
This chapter outlines one of three common views of probability and statistics: the deductivist view, discussed through a key proponent, Rudolf Carnap. This theory suggests that logic is the basis of


An Investigation of the Laws of Thought: On which are founded the mathematical theories of logic and probabilities
1. Nature and design of this work 2. Signs and their laws 3. Derivation of the laws 4. Division of propositions 5. Principles of symbolic reasoning 6. Of interpretation 7. Of elimination 8. Of
Calcolo delle Probabilità
AMONG the sins of omission for which mathematicians and teachers of mathematics might be charged, there is probably none which has so vitally affected our national welfare as the neglect of the study
On the Application of the Theory of Error to Cases of Normal Distribution and Normal Correlation
In his ‘Lettres sur la Theorie des Probabilities’ (1846), Quetelet has shown that in certain anthropometrical statistics, e. g. , in statistics of height or of chest-measurement, the curve of
Solution d'un problème de probabilité, relatif au jeu de rencontre
1. An urn contains m balls marked a, b, c, d, . . ., that one draws successively each, in order to replace them afterwards. What is the probability that, in two successive drawings, n balls will exit
Cournot et la renaissance du probabilisme au XIXe siècle
Cet ouvrage entend situer la philosophie de Cournot dans l’histoire de l’esprit humain, degager ses antecedents et ses prolongements pour en montrer toute l’importance, et exposer ses idees
Zur theorie der stabilität statistischer Reihen
Abstract Wie ist die auffallende Gesetzmassigkeit der auf Massenbeobachtungen beruhenden statistischen Zahlen zu erklaren? Wie sind deren Schwankungen rationell zu deuten? Diese Fragen bilden den
Historische Notizen über die Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung. 4to
  • Giornale di Matematica finanziaria,
  • 1919
Über eine neue Serie von Würfelversuchen.
  • Vierteljs. Naturforsch
  • 1913
Meditationes philosophicae de methodo mathematico
  • 1911