A Tour of Colorado Gemstone Localities

  title={A Tour of Colorado Gemstone Localities},
  author={Jack A. Murphy and Peter J. Modreski},
  journal={Rocks \& Minerals},
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oin us for a gemstone tour around Colorado! Our field trip J takes us from east to west in the same way you may have toured through Colorado on a mineral collecting trip. This route, from the plains to the mountains, allows us to examine geological settings in proximity to one another and compare different types and ages of rocks where gemstones are known to occur. We cannot discuss every Colorado gemstone occurrence; rather, this is a general review of classic localities with some key… 
Colorado: Mineral collecting localities
Colorado is, of course, famous for its many minerals and mineral deposits, ranging from the gold and silver that first brought prospectors and other adventurous pioneers to the state, to the other
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Cover Photographs JanuaryFebruary: Rhodochrosite (specimen and cut stones), N'Chwaning mine, Hotazel, South Africa. Martin Zinn specimen and gemstones, Erica and Harold Van Pelt photo. March/April:
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Colorado ranks as the second state in the production of turquois, which comes from near the towns of Villagrove, Manassa, Leadville, and Creede.The deposits occur in weathered acid igneous rocks rich
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Gem Rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine, Colorado
© 1997 Gemological Institute of America Massive banded rhodochrosite has long been used for carvings and other ornamental objects. Although intense red transparent rhodochrosite crystals of
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THE chapter on precious stones which Dr. G. F. Kunz contributes to vol. xix. of The Mineral Industry, deal ing with mining operations in 1910, contains, in addition to statistics of output, prices,
New Explorations at the Stoneham, Colorado, Barite Locality
(1990). New Explorations at the Stoneham, Colorado, Barite Locality. Rocks & Minerals: Vol. 65, No. 3, pp. 202-222.
The Geology and Geochemistry of Cenozoic Topaz Rhyolites from the Western United States
All materials subject to this copyright and included in this volume may be photocopied for the noncommercial purpose of scientific or educational advancement. The geology and geochemistry of Cenozoic
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