A Time-domain Near-to Far-field Transformation for Fdtd in Two Dimensions

  title={A Time-domain Near-to Far-field Transformation for Fdtd in Two Dimensions},
  author={S. Gonzalez Garcıa and B. Garcıa Olmedo and R. Gomez Martın},
  • S. Gonzalez Garcıa, B. Garcıa Olmedo, R. Gomez Martın
  • Published 2000
This paper proposes an algorithm based on the equi alence principle to calculate, straightforwardly in the time domain, the transient far field response of a two-dimensional structure. The algorithm implementation in ol es the numerical e aluation of a time integral along the nearto far-field con ersion contour of the equi alent currents at the ( ) Huygens surface, obtained with the finite-difference time-domain FDTD method. 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Microwave Opt Technol Lett 27: 427 432… CONTINUE READING


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