A Time War Over the Period We Live In

  title={A Time War Over the Period We Live In},
  author={Richard A. Kerr},
  pages={402 - 403}
  • R. Kerr
  • Published 25 January 2008
  • Physics
  • Science
Like astronomers battling over the status of Pluto, geoscientists are revving up to settle the fate of the interval of time known as the Quaternary, as well as the status, some feel, of an entire field. 

The Neogene and Quaternary : chronostratigraphic compromise or non-overlapping magisteria ?

The International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) together with its subcommissions on Neogene Stratigraphy (SNS) and Quaternary Stratigraphy (SQS) are facing a persistent conundrum regarding the

On the Neogene-Quaternary debate

A proposed resolution to the current Neogene-Quaternary debate involves independent, non-overlapping status for the two units and harks back to Lyell's original denotation of the terms Older and

A formal Anthropocene is compatible with but distinct from its diachronous anthropogenic counterparts: a response to W.F. Ruddiman’s ‘three flaws in defining a formal Anthropocene’

We analyse the ‘three flaws’ to potentially defining a formal Anthropocene geological time unit as advanced by Ruddiman (2018). (1) We recognize a long record of pre-industrial human impacts, but

Interdisciplinary approaches to the Oldowan

1. Introduction: Current issues in Oldowan research. David R. Braun and Erella Hovers 2. Remarks on the current theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of technological strategies of

Introduction: Current Issues in Oldowan Research

The synthesis of different schools of thought in the study of Oldowan stone artifacts is seen as one of the most important contributions that future work can make for theStudy of the earliest technologies.

The Astronomical Tuned Neogene Time Scale 2004

  • 2008