A Time-Space Tradeoff for Boolean Matrix Multiplication

  title={A Time-Space Tradeoff for Boolean Matrix Multiplication},
  author={Karl R. Abrahamson},
A time-space tradeoff is established in the branching program model for the problem of computing the product of two 12 x n nmtrices over the semiring ((0, l}, V, A). It is a.ssumed that ea.ch element of each n x n input matrix is chosen independently to be 1 with probability n-ll2 and to be 0 with probability 1 n-1/2. Letting S and T denote expected space and time of a deterministic algorithm, the tradeoff is ST = R(n3.5) for T < cln2.5 and ST = R(n3) for T > where c1, c2 > 0. The lower bounds… CONTINUE READING
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