A Tight Lower Bound for Index Erasure

  title={A Tight Lower Bound for Index Erasure},
  author={N. Lindzey and A. Rosmanis},
  • N. Lindzey, A. Rosmanis
  • Published in ITCS 2020
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics
  • The Index Erasure problem asks a quantum computer to prepare a uniform superposition over the image of an injective function given by an oracle. We prove a tight $\Omega(\sqrt{n})$ lower bound on the quantum query complexity of the non-coherent case of the problem, where, in addition to preparing the required superposition, the algorithm is allowed to leave the ancillary memory in an arbitrary function-dependent state. This resolves an open question of Ambainis, Magnin, Roetteler, and Roland… CONTINUE READING

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