A Threshold-based Model for Privacy Protection in Cloud Computing

  title={A Threshold-based Model for Privacy Protection in Cloud Computing},
  author={Xunyi Ren and Linjuan Chen and Junfeng Zhang and Xiaodong Ma},
  journal={International Journal on Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences},
  • Xunyi Ren, Linjuan Chen, Xiaodong Ma
  • Published 30 April 2011
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal on Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences
Privacy for cloud computing has become an important issue in recent years. In this paper, we propose a threshold-based model for privacy protection in cloud computing with a particular (n +1, t +1) secret sharing scheme which is bases on the matrix and vector. We show how our (n +1, t +1) secret sharing scheme can be applied to protect privacy. First, we assign each row of the matrix as a key of vector. Next, we make use of the linear correlation and linear independence of the vector to… 
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A Threshold-based Model for Privacy Protection in Cloud Computing Xun-yi Ren, Lin-juan Chen, Jun-feng Zhang, Xiao-dong Ma Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences
  • A Threshold-based Model for Privacy Protection in Cloud Computing Xun-yi Ren, Lin-juan Chen, Jun-feng Zhang, Xiao-dong Ma Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences
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