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A Theory of Quantum Space-time

  title={A Theory of Quantum Space-time},
  author={Charles Francis},
  journal={arXiv: General Physics},
  • C. Francis
  • Published 30 May 1999
  • Physics
  • arXiv: General Physics
An interpretation and re-formulation of modern physics which removes the presumption of the space-time continuum, and bases physical theory on a small number of rational and empirical principles. After briefly describing the philosophical principles underlying the theory, we rigorously construct a discrete model of quantum mechanics. Kets are names, or labels which categorise states of matter but do not directly describe them. The principle of superposition is seen as a definitional truism in… 

Discrete Quantum Electrodynamics

The purpose of this paper is to construct a quantum field theory suitable for describing quantum electrodynamics and Yang-Mills theory in a form which satisfies the conditions of the Millennium prize

A Model of Classical and Quantum Measurement

We take the view that physical quantities are values generated by processes in measurement, not pre-existent objective quantities, and that a measurement result is strictly a product of the apparatus

A Pre-Geometric Model Exhibiting Physical Law

We describe a substructure for matter in which metric relations are not assumed as properties of a physical manifold, and instead the metric of general relativity is found in configurations of

The Fabric of Space-time

The formulae of special relativity are developed through the k-calculus with no presumption of a manifold. The metric is determined empirically by the exchange of photons, and the treatment suggests

The Fabric of Space-time II: Gravity by Photon Exchange

This is one of a number of papers in which the metric for space-time is defined on the subatomic level by means of the interchange of photons, and constrained to be consistent with radar. It is shown

Sobre a Natureza do Tempo e Outras Conjecturas (On the Nature of Time and Other Conjectures)

Este artigo pretende discutir o conceito de espaco-tempo quântico a luz de uma analise filosofica aprofundada das principais ideias elaboradas sobre o tempo ao longo dos seculos. A partir dessa

An Alternative Model of Quark Confinement

In "A Theory of Quantum Space-time" we constructed a form of field theory in which Feynman diagrams describe real particle interactions, not virtual ones. In this paper we outline a theory of



Many Valued Logic

Throughout the orthodox mainsteam of the development of logic in the West, the prevailing view was that every proposition is either true or else false (although which of these is the case may well

Assumption and myth in physical theory

Preface 1. The limits of theory making 2. Relativity: its myths and pre-suppositions 3. Gravitation 4. The origin of inertia and the universe Suggestions for further reading Index.

Fuzzy Sets

  • L. Zadeh
  • Computer Science
    Inf. Control.
  • 1965

Fuzzy sets, uncertainty and information

The fuzzy sets uncertainty and information is one book that the authors really recommend you to read, to get more solutions in solving this problem.

Introduction to Fuzzy Arithmetic

  • 1991