A Theory of Justice for Animals: Animal Rights in a Nonideal World

  title={A Theory of Justice for Animals: Animal Rights in a Nonideal World},
  author={William Boisseau},
  journal={Social Movement Studies},
  pages={250 - 251}
  • W. Boisseau
  • Published 4 March 2015
  • Philosophy
  • Social Movement Studies
The Political Turn in Animal Rights
Some of the most important, influential, and original texts on the standing of animals have, in recent years, been written not by philosophical ethicists but by political theorists such as Sue
Domination in the Anthropocene
Human domination over nature has been a constant concern of environmental thinkers. For decades now, they have made efforts to describe the historical-cum-intellectual process that produces such
Justice in and to nature : an application of the broad framework of environmental and ecological justice
Kortetmäki, Teea Justice in and to Nature: An Application of the Broad Framework of Environmental and Ecological Justice Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä, 2017, 52 p. (+ included articles)
Animals and democratic theory: Beyond an anthropocentric account
Two distinct approaches to the incorporation of animal interests within democratic theory are identified. The first, anthropocentric, account suggests that animal interests ought to be considered
Why “Animal (De)liberation” survives early criticism and is pivotal to public health
  • J. Deckers
  • Medicine
    Journal of evaluation in clinical practice
  • 2017
It is argued that the ideas developed in the book withstand critical scrutiny and that qualified moral veganism must be altered accordingly, subject to adequate political support for its associated vegan project.
Putting Cruelty First: Exploring Judith Shklar’s Liberalism of Fear for Animal Ethics
This paper critically examines the extent to which the debate about animal ethics can be enriched by an exploration of Judith Shklar’s liberalism of fear. Shklar’s form of liberalism proceeds from
Ubuntu and Justice as Fairness
This paper juxtaposes John Rawls’s ‘justice as fairness’ as articulated in A Theory of Justice and Political Liberalism, with an African worldview knows as Ubuntu with a view to ascertaining whether