A Theory of Intensity Distribution in Band Systems

  title={A Theory of Intensity Distribution in Band Systems},
  author={Edward Uhler Condon}
A theory of the relative intensity of the various bands in a system of electronic bands is developed by an extension of an idea used by Franck in discussing the dissociation of molecules by light absorption. The theory predicts the existence of two especially favored values of the change in the vibrational quantum numbers, in accord with the empirical facts as discussed by Birge. 
Dyes: quantum chemical calculation of electronic spectra
  • H. Mustroph
  • Chemistry, Physics
    Physical Sciences Reviews
  • 2019
Abstract The basics of the quantum mechanical theory of the light absorption process, the simplifications of the theory in form of models and their application to dyes are reviewed. The factors
Band Shape Analysis of Vibronic Spectra of Flexible Molecules in Solution
Abstract The absorption and emission spectra of biphenyl in cyclohexane are measured. Calculated Franck-Condon overlap integrals are used to simulate measured absorption and emission spectra of
The Franck-Condon principle: considerations on the correctness of its formulation
SummaryThis paper is intended to show that the Franck-Condon principle is erroneously formulated when expressed in terms of vertical electronic transitions which take place very rapidly in comparison
First principles simulation of the UV absorption spectrum of ethylene using the vertical Franck-Condon approach.
The vertical Frank-Condon approach is applicable therefore even in cases where the excited state potential energy surface is highly anharmonic and the conventional harmonic Franck-Culton approach is inadequate.
Vibronic spectroscopy of an artificial molecule.
It is found that the system behaves like an artificial molecule showing vibronic sideband transitions, and the reflected signal is determined by a combination of the Franck-Condon principle and resolved-sideband cooling or heating of the oscillator.
Vibronic intensities in diatomic molecules
The object of this work is to use vibronic intensity distributions to determine the bond lengths of diatomic molecules in excited electronic states without having to evaluate Franck–Condon (FC)
Theoretical Simulation of the Vibrationally Resolved UV Absorption Spectrum of Acryloyl Fluoride
Acryloyl fluoride is an ideal molecule for investigating the phenomenon of hindered internal rotation. In concert with recently acquired high-resolution UV absorption spectrum of acryloyl fluoride,