A Theory of Co-operation and Competition

  title={A Theory of Co-operation and Competition},
  author={Morton Deutsch},
  journal={Human Relations},
  pages={129 - 152}
  • M. Deutsch
  • Published 1 April 1949
  • Economics
  • Human Relations
The effectiveness of inter-teaching: Some international evidence
This study compares final grade results across two different cohorts of accounting students (one using a traditional lecture model and the other inter-teaching – an innovative pedagogy). Boyce and
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The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of inter-teaching; a student engagement pedagogy associated with behavioural and engagement theories and designed to engage students in their
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Cooperative learning is widely recognised as a pedagogical practice that promotes socialization and learning among students from pre-school through to tertiary level and across different subject
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The present research addresses this important multidisciplinary question by conducting a meta-analysis of existing empirical work and proposing a new conceptual model--the opposing processes model of competition and performance.
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This study brings together the fields of cooperative learning, second language acquisition, as well as second/foreign language teaching to create optimal schooling experiences for junior high school
Cooperation, fairness and team reasoning
  • H. Duijf
  • Economics
    Economics and Philosophy
  • 2021
Abstract This paper examines two strands of literature regarding economic models of cooperation. First, payoff transformation theories assume that people may not be exclusively motivated by
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This study aims to investigate the theory of student engagement and its impact on student learning. A student-centric pedagogy (inter-teaching) was introduced to create better engagement for students
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Although a cohesive society is difficult to maintain, social cohesion is seen as ideal to unite a heterogeneous community. Studies in the past have focused on social cohesion within real life context


The Functions of the Executive
Frontiers in Group Dynamics
In the first of these articles, those aspects of group life which can be represented as an equilibrium in a phase space were considered. In the discussion of social equilibrium it was emphasized that