A Tertiary Rainbow

  title={A Tertiary Rainbow},
  author={T. C. Lewis},
  • T. Lewis
  • Published 1 October 1885
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature
THE supposed tertiary rainbow about which I sent a note a month ago must have been a halo formed by ice crystals, as readers of NATURE will perhaps have inferred merely from the recorded distinctness of the colours. It did not occur to me that ice crystals would be found in a horizontal direction from here, over the hot plains of the Punjab on the evening of an August day. But I have since calculated the size of the tertiary rainbow and the order of colours in it, and the calculation leaves no… 
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Photographic evidence for the third-order rainbow.

Evidence of a third-order rainbow has been obtained by using image processing techniques on a digital photograph that contains no obvious indication of such a rainbow.

Visibility of natural tertiary rainbows.

To analyze the natural tertiary's visibility, Lorenz-Mie theory, the Debye series, and a modified geometrical optics model are used to calculate the tertiaries' chromaticity gamuts, luminance contrasts, and color contrasts as seen against dark cloud backgrounds.

Amplification of high-order rainbows of a cylinder with an elliptical cross section.

The intensity of high-order rainbows for normally incident light and certain rotation angles of a cylinder with an elliptical cross section is greatly amplified with respect to the intensity for a