A Tertiary Alcohol Analog of γ-Hydroxybutyric Acid as a Specific γ-Hydroxybutyric Acid Receptor Ligand

  title={A Tertiary Alcohol Analog of γ-Hydroxybutyric Acid as a Specific γ-Hydroxybutyric Acid Receptor Ligand},
  author={H. Wu and N. Zink and L. Carter and A. Mehta and R. Hernandez and M. Ticku and R. Lamb and C. France and A. Coop},
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  • H. Wu, N. Zink, +6 authors A. Coop
  • Published 2003
  • Chemistry
  • Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
  • γ-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) shows great promise as a treatment for sleeping disorders but is also increasingly abused. The exact mechanism of action of GHB is yet to be delineated, but it is known to interact with specific GHB binding sites or receptors, to act as a weak agonist at GABAB receptors, and that GHB undergoes metabolism to GABA. In drug discrimination studies, GABAB agonists, and to a lesser extent GABAA-positive modulators, substitute for GHB. To delineate the relative… CONTINUE READING
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