A Tension-Based Model Distinguishes Hypertrophic versus Dilated Cardiomyopathy

  title={A Tension-Based Model Distinguishes Hypertrophic versus Dilated Cardiomyopathy},
  author={Jennifer Davis and Lianne C. Davis and Robert Nathan Correll and Catherine A. Makarewich and Jennifer A. Schwanekamp and Farid Moussavi-Harami and Dan Wang and Allen J. York and H. Irene Wu and Steven R. Houser and Christine E Seidman and Jonathan G Seidman and Michael Regnier and Joseph M Metzger and Joseph C Wu and Jeffery D Molkentin},
The heart either hypertrophies or dilates in response to familial mutations in genes encoding sarcomeric proteins, which are responsible for contraction and pumping. These mutations typically alter calcium-dependent tension generation within the sarcomeres, but how this translates into the spectrum of hypertrophic versus dilated cardiomyopathy is unknown… CONTINUE READING