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A Taste of Prosody: Possible Effects of the Word-Initial Singleton-Geminate Contrast on Post-Consonantal Vowel Duration in Kelantan Malay

  title={A Taste of Prosody: Possible Effects of the Word-Initial Singleton-Geminate Contrast on Post-Consonantal Vowel Duration in Kelantan Malay},
  author={Hilmi Hamzah and J. Hajek and J. Fletcher},
The present study examines possible temporal effects of the word-initial geminate consonant contrast in Kelantan Malay (KM) beyond the duration of the target consonant itself. We are interested in identifying any duration interactions with following vowels that could potentially enhance the acoustic salience of geminate consonants, in particular word-initial voiceless geminate stops. Results indicate that postconsonantal vowel duration can vary as a function of preceding consonant length and… Expand

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A Taste of Prosody: Possible Effects of the Word-Initial Singleton-Geminate Contrast on Post-Consonantal Vowel Duration in Kelantan Malay
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