A Taste for Shrinking: Movie Miniatures and the Unreal City

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Unbecomings in East Asian Women’s Cinema: Naomi Kawase, Yim Soon-rye, and Li Yu
This chapter examines the ways East Asian women filmmakers Naomi Kawase, Yim soon-rye, and Li Yu envisage conditions of possibility for indecorous femininities to breach patriarchal expectation.Expand
The City as Liminal Space: Urban Visuality and Aesthetic Experience in Postmodern U.S. Literature and Cinema
This article suggests that the postmodern city as represented in recent U.S. literature and cinema is constructed as a symbolic place based on visions of liminality- a term I borrow from socialExpand
Smart cinema as trans-generic mode: a study of industrial transgression and assimilation 1990-2005
Abstract Following from Sconce’s “Irony, nihilism, and the new American ‘smart’ film”, describing an American school of filmmaking that “survives (and at times thrives) at the symbolic andExpand
Going places sitting down: Micrographia and the triptych
The dynamic spatial perspective created by juxtaposing giant and miniature worlds in Hiraki Sawa's Going Places Sitting Down is explored, investing magic in the ordinary that enchants and invites a reflective engagement across the three screens. Expand


Cities of the Future/the Future of Cities
JOHN DOWNEY and JIM MCGUIGAN, eds., Technocities. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 1999, pp. viii, 213, notes, references, index. $27.95 paper. LAWRENCE A. HERZOG, From Aztec to High Tech: Architecture andExpand
The Truman Show were it not for the fact that miniature photography was not the main device used to depict the imprisoning town
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The Virtual City,
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Book Review: City Images: Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy and Film
Questions on and of the city are, and have long been, central to many cultural products and debates. The idea of the city has been a central theme in a number of books, films, photographs,Expand
Gold features numerous fuzzy shots of Bardo Town, in illustration of Robert Scheckley’s story “City of the Dead
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