title={A-TE-MI-TO AND A-TI-MI-TE},
  author={Christiane Sourvinou},
The origin and etymology of the name of Artemis still remain problematic. Many suggestions have been advanced, but none of them seems to be absolutely convincing. A stage in the history of these studies was of course the discovery, in the Linear B tablets of Pylos, of two words which have been interpreted äs two forms of the theonym Artemis, a-te-mi-to and a-ti-mi-te. The purpose of this paper is to investigate, from both the linguistic and the contextual point of view, whether this tempting… 
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A Gripping Tail: Re-interpreting the Archaic Potnia Theron Schema
The Archaic Potnia Theron schema depicts a central female figure grasping an animal in each hand. She is often associated with the goddess Artemis. Yet, evidence from the early Archaic period