A Systematic Analysis on the Impact of Contextual Information on Point-of-Interest Recommendation

  title={A Systematic Analysis on the Impact of Contextual Information on Point-of-Interest Recommendation},
  author={Hossein A. Rahmani and Mohammad Aliannejadi and Mitra Baratchi and Fabio A. Crestani},
  journal={ACM Transactions on Information Systems (TOIS)},
  pages={1 - 35}
As the popularity of Location-based Social Networks increases, designing accurate models for Point-of-Interest (POI) recommendation receives more attention. POI recommendation is often performed by incorporating contextual information into previously designed recommendation algorithms. Some of the major contextual information that has been considered in POI recommendation are the location attributes (i.e., exact coordinates of a location, category, and check-in time), the user attributes (i.e… 


Point-of-Interest Recommendation in Location Based Social Networks with Topic and Location Awareness
A Topic and Location-aware probabilistic matrix factorization (TL-PMF) method is proposed for POI recommendation to consider both the extent to which a user interest matches the POI in terms of topic distribution and the word-of-mouth opinions of the POIs.
Modeling POI-Specific Spatial-Temporal Context for Point-of-Interest Recommendation
Experimental results on two real-world datasets collected from Foursquare and Gowalla demonstrate that the POI-specific context importance significantly improves the performance of POI recommendation.
Exploiting geographical influence for collaborative point-of-interest recommendation
This paper argues that the geographical influence among POIs plays an important role in user check-in behaviors and model it by power law distribution, and develops a collaborative recommendation algorithm based on geographical influence based on naive Bayesian.
Leveraging contextual influence and user preferences for point-of-interest recommendation
A context- and preference- aware model (CPAM) to incorporate both contextual influence and user preferences into POI recommendation is proposed and the experimental results show that the proposed model outperforms the state-of-the-art baselines.
Time-aware point-of-interest recommendation
This paper defines a new problem, namely, the time-aware POI recommendation, to recommend POIs for a given user at a specified time in a day, and develops a collaborative recommendation model that is able to incorporate temporal information.
Joint Geographical and Temporal Modeling Based on Matrix Factorization for Point-of-Interest Recommendation
A spatio-temporal activity-centers algorithm to model users’ behavior more accurately and results show that the STACP model achieves a statistically significant performance improvement, compared to the state-of-the-art techniques.
Location perspective-based neighborhood-aware POI recommendation in location-based social networks
This work incorporates the geographical relationships among POIs into the WMF as the regularization terms to exploit the geographical characteristics from a location perspective for implicit problem, where a location neighborhood-aware weighted probabilistic matrix factorization is proposed (L-WMF).
A Unified Point-of-Interest Recommendation Framework in Location-Based Social Networks
A unified POI recommendation framework is proposed, which unifies users’ preferences, geographical influence and personalized ranking, and shows that the results on both datasets show that the proposed framework can produce better performance.