A System for Region Search and Exploration

  title={A System for Region Search and Exploration},
  author={Kaiyu Feng and Kaiqi Zhao and Yiding Liu and G. Cong},
  journal={Proc. VLDB Endow.},
With the increasing popularity of mobile devices and location based services, massive amount of geo-textual data (e.g., geo-tagged tweets) is being generated everyday. Compared with traditional spatial data, the textual dimension of geo-textual data greatly enriches the data. Meanwhile, the spatial dimension of geo-textual data also adds a semantically rich new aspect to textual data. The large volume, together with its rich semantics, calls for the need for data exploration. First, it has many… 

RIDE: A System for Generalized Region of Interest Discovery and Exploration

This demonstration proposal introduces the basic concept of ROI queries and key components of the RIDE system, including data storage and indexing, ROI query processing and optimization and user interface.

SpaceKey: Exploring Patterns in Spatial Databases

This paper proposes SpaceKey, a system for retrieving and visualizing spatial objects returned by SGK queries, and supports a novel query, called SPM query, which is defined by a spatial pattern, a graph whose vertices contain keywords and its edges are associated with distance constraints.

LocXplore: a system for profiling urban regions

LocXplore is presented, a system for profiling regions of a city to support people planning to move to the city and integrates and analyzes data from diverse sources, including location-based social networks, OpenStreetMap and Open Data from government authorities and news agencies.

Visualizing Functional Regions by Analysis of Geo-textual Data

This work trains a classification model with the Support Vector Machine, and applies it to aggregated word embeddings to predict the function of spots, and proposes an adaptive layout solution to deal with situations of multi-AOI queries.

ReSKY: Efficient Subarray Skyline Computation in Array Databases


  • András KomáromyParas Mehta
  • Proceedings of the 26th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems
  • 2018



Towards Best Region Search for Data Exploration

This paper introduces a novel problem called the best region search (BRS) problem and provides efficient solutions to it and proposes an efficient algorithm called SliceBRS to find the exact answer and proves that the answer found by it is bounded by a constant.

Topic Exploration in Spatio-Temporal Document Collections

A novel algorithm is proposed that is able to efficiently combine two pre-trained topic models learnt from two document sets with a bounded error, based on which an efficient approach to mining topics from a large number of spatio-temporal documents within a region and a timespan is developed.

Scalable top-k spatio-temporal term querying

This work presents indexing, update, and query processing techniques that are capable of providing the top-k terms seen in posts in a user-specified spatio-temporal range and extends existing frequent item counting techniques to maintain exact counts rather than approximations.

TEXplorer: keyword-based object search and exploration in multidimensional text databases

A keyword-based interactive exploration framework that could offer flexible OLAP navigational guides and help users identify the levels and objects they are interested in is proposed and efficient algorithms and materialization strategies for ranking top-k dimensions and cells are proposed.

Multidimensional content eXploration

Multidimensional Content eXploration (MCX) is about effectively analyzing and exploring large amounts of content by combining keyword search with OLAP-style aggregation, navigation, and reporting, and formally presents how CMS content and metadata should be organized in a well-defined multidimensional structure.

Topic Cube: Topic Modeling for OLAP on Multidimensional Text Databases

A new data model called topic cube is proposed to combine OLAP with probabilistic topic modeling and enable OLAP on the dimension of text data in a multidimensional text database and a heuristic method to speed up the iterative EM algorithm for estimating topic models is proposed.

On-line LDA: Adaptive Topic Models for Mining Text Streams with Applications to Topic Detection and Tracking

A topic model that automatically captures the thematic patterns and identifies emerging topics of text streams and their changes over time and is comparable to, and sometimes better than, the original LDA in predicting the likelihood of unseen documents.

Text Cube: Computing IR Measures for Multidimensional Text Database Analysis

This paper proposes a text-cube model on multidimensional text database and conducts systematic studies on efficient text-Cube implementation, OLAP execution and query processing and shows the high promise of the methods.

Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Searchlight: Enabling Integrated Search and Exploration over Large Multidimensional Data

Searchlight is the first system to support generic search, exploration and mining over large multi-dimensional data collections, going beyond point algorithms designed for point search and mining tasks.