A Symmetrical Three-Phase AC-AC Converter Designed by Using Switched-Capacitor Techniques

  title={A Symmetrical Three-Phase AC-AC Converter Designed by Using Switched-Capacitor Techniques},
  author={Kei Eguchi and Kanji Abe and Sawai Pongswatd and P. Julsereewong and Amphawan Julsereewong and Ichirou Oota},
In the field of power engineering, a three-phase transformer is widely used to provide the load with sinusoidal three-phase voltages. In this paper, a novel three-phase direct ac-ac converter is proposed for three-phase power conversion apparatus. The proposed ac-ac converter consists of three module blocks designed by switched-capacitor (SC) techniques, where each module block has symmetrical converter topology. Due to the symmetrical converter topology, the proposed ac-ac converter can… CONTINUE READING

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