A Survey on Techniques of Secure Live Migration of Virtual Machine

  title={A Survey on Techniques of Secure Live Migration of Virtual Machine},
  author={Jyoti Shetty and R. AnalaM. and G. Shobha},
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Live migration is an essential feature of virtualization that allows transfer of virtual machine from one physical server to another without interrupting the services running in virtual machine. Live migration facilitates workload balancing, fault tolerance, online system maintenance, consolidation of virtual machines etc. Unfortunately the disclosed vulnerabilities with the live migration pose significant security risks. Because of these security risks the industry is hesitant to adapt the… 
A Survey on Security Issues and Solutions in Live Virtual Machine Migration
A survey of attacks on live migration of virtual machine and approaches to handle them is surveyed and proposed strategy to secure live migration is discussed.
Live Migration of Virtual Machine in Cloud : Survey of Issues and Solutions
This survey discusses live migration security issues, along with possible attacks before, during, and after migration, and discovers some known methodologies that aim to secure virtual machine live migration.
Evaluation of a Secure Live Migration of Virtual Machines Using Ipsec Implementation
Performing live migration under an IPsec implemented transmission channel to achieve a secured transmission of migration data between servers and proposed sophisticated tuning of MTU and MSS values resulted in a better migration performance.
Survey : Secure Live VM Migration in Public Cloud
This paper described live migration procedure, security threats occurred during live migration and available solution to secure live VM migration.
Secure Live Virtual Machine Migration by Proposed Security Center
This paper shows how the proposed mechanism analyzes and fulfills the major security requirements for secure live VM migration in cloud environments to become protected against different types of passive and active attacks.
Survey on secure live virtual machine (VM) migration in Cloud
This work has carried out an extensive survey to investigate the vulnerabilities, threats and possible attacks on the live VM migration, identified security requirements for secure VM migration and presented a detailed analysis of existing solutions on the basis of these security requirements.
Secure live virtual machine migration through runtime monitors
This paper proposes a new model for live migration of virtual machines (VMs) in a secure environment and proposes the migration model that fulfills the most security requirements for secure live VM migration process.
SPLM: Security Protection of Live Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing
A security model of live virtual machine migration based on security policy transfer and encryption, named as SPLM (Security Protection of Live Migration) is proposed and its security and reliability are analyzed, which proves that SPLM is better than others.
Implementing Live Migration Security
This dissertation investigated two popular open source hypervisors XEN and KVM and found security flaws in each system and proposed securing the live migration process by using encryption, intrusion detection systems, role based access control and firewall rules.
Secure Live Virtual Machines Migration: Issues and Solutions
The X.805 security standard is used to investigate attacks on live virtual machine migration and highlights the main source of threats and suggests approaches to tackle them.


Enabling secure VM-vTPM migration in private clouds
This work detail the requirements that a secure VM-vTPM migration solution should satisfy in private virtualized environments and proposes a vTPM key structure suitable for VM-tPM migration, and shows that the proposed protocol provides stronger security guarantees when compared to existing solutions forVM-v TPM migration.
Eliminating the hypervisor attack surface for a more secure cloud
NoHype eliminates the hypervisor attack surface by enabling the guest VMs to run natively on the underlying hardware while maintaining the ability to run multiple VMs concurrently, and is a significant advance in the security of cloud computing.
Live migration of virtual machines
The design options for migrating OSes running services with liveness constraints are considered, the concept of writable working set is introduced, and the design, implementation and evaluation of high-performance OS migration built on top of the Xen VMM are presented.
A hypervisor-based system for protecting software runtime memory and persistent storage
The data locker component in the hypervisor is proposed, which prevents the sensitive data of software program in persistent storage from leaking to rootkits or other malware.
Formal requirements for virtualizable third generation architectures
The hardware architectural requirements for virtual machine systems are discussed and a fairly specific definition of a virtual machine is presented which includes the aspects of efficiency, isolation, and identical behavior.
The Reincarnation of Virtual Machines
The term virtual machine initially described a 1960s operating system concept: a software abstraction with the looks of a computer system’s hardware (real machine). Forty years later, the term
Application- Transparent Live Migration for virtual machine on network security enhanced hypervisor
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