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A Survey on Software Engineering Practices in Brazilian Startups

  title={A Survey on Software Engineering Practices in Brazilian Startups},
  author={Renata Souza and Orges Cico and Ivan do Carmo Machado},
Today’s significant technological advancement allows earlystage software startups to build and launch innovative products quickly on the market. However, many of them die in the early years of their path due to market conditions, ignorance of customer needs, lack of resources, or focus, such as the misuse of well-established practices. The study’s motivation is to analyze software engineering practices in startups from a practitioner’s perspective. Our objective was to identify practices and… 

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  • E. Klotins
  • Computer Science
    2017 IEEE/ACM 1st International Workshop on Software Engineeting for Startups (SoftStart)
  • 2017
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