A Survey on Smart Grid Communication Infrastructures: Motivations, Requirements and Challenges

  title={A Survey on Smart Grid Communication Infrastructures: Motivations, Requirements and Challenges},
  author={Ye Yan and Yi Qian and Hamid R. Sharif and David Tipper},
  journal={IEEE Communications Surveys \& Tutorials},
A communication infrastructure is an essential part to the success of the emerging smart grid. A scalable and pervasive communication infrastructure is crucial in both construction and operation of a smart grid. In this paper, we present the background and motivation of communication infrastructures in smart grid systems. We also summarize major requirements that smart grid communications must meet. From the experience of several industrial trials on smart grid with communication… 

Future smart grid communication-deployment of IoT: opportunities and challenges

  • Payal SoniJ. Subhashini
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • 2021
A survey of different communication technology, applications, benefits and challenges in communication infrastructure, spatially IoT, is provided for India's power grid system.

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Electricity is a core utility for the functioning of society and for the services provided by information and communication technologies (ICTs). Several concepts of the smart grid, such as dynamic

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This paper provides a comprehensive survey on the smart grid-driven approaches in energy-efficient communications and data centers, and the interaction between smart grid and information and communication infrastructures.

Multi-Faceted Assessment of a Wireless Communications Infrastructure for the Green Neighborhoods of the Smart Grid

The main goal of this paper is to evaluate the core M2M communications infrastructure of a platform designed to reduce electricity consumption and integrate renewable generation at residential level, fully based on widely deployed wireless communications technologies such as IEEE 802.11 and General Packet Radio Service.

Development of Smart Grid System in India: A Survey

This work will provide a detailed literature survey of available methodologies and also highlights the possible challenges, research issues, opportunities of networks in smart grids.

Communication Architecture, Technologies, and Requirement for Modern Energy Systems

The main aim of this paper is to present the contemporary communication scenario in the smart grid in terms of technology, devices, network architecture and requirements in transmission and distributed energy systems.

Agent based communication architecture for smart grid

Integration of renewable energy sources, mission critical power demands and diversion of energy sources are challenges that the electrical grid operators face today. These challenges are mainly

IoT-Based Implementation of Field Area Network Using Smart Grid Communication Infrastructure

An implementation of an IoT-based wireless energy management system and the monitoring of weather parameters using a smart grid communication infrastructure and the designed system can be extended for multiple sensor nodes for practical implementation in field area networks for better accuracy and in the case of node failure.



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This article presents an unprecedented cognitive radio based communications architecture for the smart grid, which is mainly motivated by the explosive data volume, diverse data traffic, and need for QoS support.

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This paper critically reviews the reliability impacts of major smart grid resources such as renewables, demand response, and storage and observes that an ideal mix of these resources leads to a flatter net demand that eventually accentuates reliability challenges further.

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One of the key foundations of smart grid (SG) is a reliable communications infrastructure which is a sophisticated, multi-layer network carrying different classes of data. SG communications needs to

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Cyber Security and Power System Communication—Essential Parts of a Smart Grid Infrastructure

  • G. Ericsson
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
  • 2010
The paper treats cyber security issues, and it highlights access points in a substation, and information security domain modeling is treated.

High-speed narrowband PLC in Smart Grid landscape — State-of-the-art

The prospect of Smart Grid (SG) is becoming a reality in the recent years, covering different areas like smart metering, demand side management, or distributed generation. Communications play a