A Survey on Sexual Counseling for Patients With Cardiac Disease Among Nurses in Jordan

  title={A Survey on Sexual Counseling for Patients With Cardiac Disease Among Nurses in Jordan},
  author={Raeda M Abu Ali and Mona A Abed and Amani Anwar Khalil and Manal Ibrahim Al-Kloub and Ala Fawzi Ashour and Intesar A Alnsour},
  journal={The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing},
Background: Recovery among patients with cardiac disease also requires attention to their sexual health. However, cultural, religious, and social factors may make Arab Muslim patients reluctant to disclose their sexual concerns and nurses hesitant to discuss patients’ sexuality matters. Objective: The aim of this study was to explore sexual counseling (SC) among nurses in Jordan in terms of responsibility, confidence, and practice. Method: This was a descriptive, correlational study. Staff… Expand
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Although cardiac nurses feel responsible and not anxious discussing patients' sexual concerns, these issues are not often discussed in daily practice and nurses might need more knowledge and specific practical training in providing information on sexual concerns and sexual counselling to cardiac patients. Expand
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Concerns regarding counseling needs and sexual information pertaining to Jordanian patients with cardiac diseases are addressed, and most patients reported changes in sexual activities following cardiac-related events. Expand
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Analysis of 17 items on the practice index indicated that nurses are not assessing sexual concerns, and specific information relevant to myocardial infarction patients largely is not being taught. Expand
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