A Survey on Ring Laser Gyroscope Technology

  title={A Survey on Ring Laser Gyroscope Technology},
  author={R AyswaryaP and S PournamiS and R. V. Nambiar},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
Ring Laser Gyroscope is a single axis laser gyro angle sensor designed and developed for high accuracy launch vehicle navigation systems. They are well suited for high precision strap down Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) due to very high accuracy, high bias, scale factor stability, low scale factor non-linearity and wide dynamic range. A ring laser gyroscope consists of a ring laser having two counter propagating modes over the same path in order to detect rotation. It operates on the… 
Modeling and Assembly of a Ring Laser Gyroscope
: The ring laser gyroscope consists of a ring laser having two independent counter propagating resonant modes over the same path; the difference in the frequencies is used to detect rotation. It
Sensitivity enhancement of ring laser gyroscope using multilayer coatings on mirror
In this paper, ring laser gyroscope and its performance are introduced. Also, the effect of mirror coatings on the interference pattern and sensitivity of the device are investigated and simulated by
Sensitivity Enhancement of Ring Laser Gyroscope Using Dielectric-Graphene Photonic Crystal
In a ring laser gyroscope, due to the rotation and the Sagnac effect, a phase difference between the two counter-propagating beams is generated. In this device, the higher phase difference between
State-of-the-Art of Standalone Accurate AUV Positioning - Application to High Resolution Bathymetric Surveys
Terrain Based Navigation (TBN), Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) and Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) micronavigation are presented as emerging methods that could help to reduce or bound the position uncertainty drift.
The theoretical foundations of the formation and selection of laser signals for combining the information and measuring channels of laser information-measuring systems are proposed and investigated, and the choice of elements of a modified selector of longitudinal modes of laser know-how systems for monitoring the parameters of aircraft motion is substantiated.
Ring Laser Gyroscope Warm Standby Redundancy Subject to Wearout Failure and Time Varying Thermal Stresses
This paper presents a reliability analysis for a 2-for-1 warm standby redundant RLG configuration subject to time varying thermal stress (temperature). Starting from reliability analysis at the
Characterization of errors and noises in MEMS inertial sensors using Allan variance method
This thesis work has addressed the problems of characterizing and identifying the noises inherent to inertial sensors as gyros and accelerometers, which are embedded in inertial navigation systems,
Instruments for Aerospace Navigation
A mechanical gyroscope is a spinning wheel or disc mounted in a movable suspension frame, which allows the axis of rotation of the wheel to point in any direction.
Variation of a Resonant Frequency Due to Static Structural Loads on a Ring Laser Gyroscope with Mechanical Ring Dither
1 Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vasavi College of Engineering, Telangana, India 2 Assistant Professor , Department of Mechanical Engineering , Vasavi College of Engineering ,


In past years much interest has been shown in the development of optical gyroscopes which offer the potential of solid state, highly reliable performance immune from many of the mechanical effects
A Study of Ring Laser Gyroscopes
This thesis presents a study of a 1.6 metre square, helium-neon based ring laser gyroscope (denoted PR-1). This device is mounted on one of the internal walls of a high rise building. After
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One of the most dramatic recent developments in optical technology is the laser gyro, which combines the properties of the optical oscillator, the laser, and general relativity to produce an
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Fundamentals of the Ring Laser Gyro
Multioscillator Ring Laser Gyroscopes and their Applications, Litton Guidance and Control Systems, 5500 Canoga Ave