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A Survey on Ethical Hacking: Issues and Challenges

  title={A Survey on Ethical Hacking: Issues and Challenges},
  author={Jean-Paul A. Yaacoub and Hassan N. Noura and Ola Salman and Ali Chehab},
Security attacks are growing in an exponential manner and their impact on existing systems is seriously high and can lead to dangerous consequences. However, in order to reduce the effect of these attacks, penetration tests are highly required, and can be considered as a suitable solution for this task. Therefore, the main focus of this paper is to explain the technical and non-technical steps of penetration tests. The objective of penetration tests is to make existing systems and their… 

Trojan feature extraction depending on Ethical Hacking 68

This paper will present some of Quasar features by extracting most important features and presents how to access remotely by using no-IP address (DUC) with other tools of applying access of internal network ethically.



Assessment of website security by penetration testing using Wireshark

This paper discussed about the need to utilize penetration testing, the benefits of using Wireshark for the same and goes on to illustrate one method of using the tool to perform penetration testing.

A study on penetration testing process and tools

The importance of penetration testing, factors and components considered while conducting a penetration test, a survey of tools and procedures followed, role of penetration test while implementing in the IT governance in an organisation and finally the professional ethics to be possessed by the team involved in penetration test are discussed.

The Economic Impact of Cyber-Attacks

This report summarizes the limited empirical data on attack costs, surveys recent theoretical work that seeks to overcome the absence of reliable and comprehensive statistics, and surveys the response of the insurance industry to rising perceptions of cyber-risk.

A guide to penetration testing

Penetration testing: a duet

  • D. GeerJohn Harthorne
  • Computer Science
    18th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, 2002. Proceedings.
  • 2002
Penetration testing is the art of finding an open door. It is not a science as science depends on falsifiable hypotheses. The most penetration testing can hope for is to be the science of insecurity

Fatal injection: a survey of modern code injection attack countermeasures

This paper examines and categorizes the countermeasures developed to detect the various attack forms of code injection attacks and identifies two distinct categories, based on nonfunctional characteristics that are considered critical when creating security mechanisms.

Advanced Persistent threats and how to monitor and deter them

Hackers vs. Testers: A Comparison of Software Vulnerability Discovery Processes

A semi-structured interview study with both testers and hackers, focusing on how each group finds vulnerabilities, how they develop their skills, and the challenges they face, suggests that hackers and testers follow similar processes, but get different results due largely to differing experiences.

Aiming at Higher Network Security through Extensive Penetration Tests

A Penetration Test methodology and framework capable to expose possible exploitable vulnerabilities in every network layer, and an extensive analysis of a network penetration test case study against a network simulation lab setup, exposing common network mis-configurations and their security implications to the whole network and its users.

Hacktivism: assessing the damage