A Survey on Energy-Efficient Topology Management in Cooperative Wireless Network


To establish effective wireless network with energy saving we have energyefficient topology management. In recent advancement of parallel cooperative transmissions among multiple source-destination pairs, energy efficiency perspective, user cooperation could not be always appealing, since the increasing in data rate of user comes at the price of energy consumed by other user. In this paper, we have summarized survey with potential benefits/drawbacks of cooperative communications on various issues at network-level, like capacity and energy efficiency. Through this paper various energy saving aspects has been surveyed in favor of network energy efficiency, cooperative communications, dynamically apply topology control mechanism to optimize the overall energy efficiency of connecting node and networks. Specifically, this survey put this working domain in new direction to achieve more energy efficient wireless network architecture. Topology management is now dynamically affecting their role to control scheme by simultaneously consideration of the capacity and energy consumption in noncooperative and cooperative communications.

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