A Survey on Blockchain Interoperability: Past, Present, and Future Trends

  title={A Survey on Blockchain Interoperability: Past, Present, and Future Trends},
  author={Rafael Belchior and Andr{\'e} Vasconcelos and S{\'e}rgio Guerreiro and Miguel Pupo Correia},
  journal={ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)},
  pages={1 - 41}
Blockchain interoperability is emerging as one of the crucial features of blockchain technology, but the knowledge necessary for achieving it is fragmented. This fact makes it challenging for academics and the industry to achieve interoperability among blockchains seamlessly. Given this new domain’s novelty and potential, we conduct a literature review on blockchain interoperability by collecting 284 papers and 120 grey literature documents, constituting a corpus of 404 documents. From those… 
A Pub-Sub Architecture to Promote Blockchain Interoperability
This paper proposes a novel blockchain interoperability solution for permissioned blockchains based on the publish/subscribe architecture, and implemented a prototype of this platform to show the feasibility and the extensibility and scalability of the platform in different scenarios.
Assessing the authenticity of subjective information in the blockchain: a survey and open issues
A taxonomy to classify the literature as focusing on either the inherent or add-on characteristics of a blockchain is proposed and those works that aim to build authenticity in the application of blockchains are focused on to determine if they address the gap of considering subjective information in their analysis.
A Survey of State-of-the-Art on Blockchains: Theories, Modelings, and Tools
A thorough survey of state-of-the-art blockchain surveys published in the recent 5 years is performed by identifying and classifying the most recent high-quality research outputs that are closely related to the theoretical findings and essential mechanisms of blockchain systems and networks.
A Survey of State-of-the-Art on Blockchains
A thorough survey of state-of-the-art blockchain surveys published in the past 5 years is performed by identifying and classifying the most recent high-quality research outputs that are closely related to the theoretical findings and essential mechanisms of blockchain systems and networks.
A New Consensus Protocol for Blockchain Interoperability Architecture
  • Y. Pang
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Access
  • 2020
A new consensus protocol, Multi-tokens Proof of Stake (MPoS), for blockchain interoperability architecture is proposed, able to strengthen the token network effects in a cross-chain ecosystem and grow the user base of blockchain systems dramatically.
Towards Cross-Blockchain Smart Contracts
A framework which allows to invoke a smart contract from another blockchain, and for calling smart contracts recursively across blockchains, is introduced as a first step towards cross-chain smart contract interactions.
Blockchains for Government
This article reviews blockchain concepts and use cases, and discusses the challenges in using them from a governmental viewpoint, and studies a few representative use cases in the domains of healthcare and energy infrastructures.
The Burn-to-Claim cross-blockchain asset transfer protocol
A Burn-to-Claim cross-chain protocol to seamlessly exchange assets between networks, which employs combinations of crypto mechanisms such as digital signatures and time lock to operate the protocol in a distributed manner.
Talaria: A Framework for Simulation of Permissioned Blockchains for Logistics and Beyond
Talia is a novel permissioned blockchain simulator that supports numerous protocols and use cases, most notably in supply chain management and can be revised to include other permissioned protocols within its modular framework.
A Survey on Business Process View Integration
This study shows that most integrated views are constructed by annotation, using formal merging rules, and highlights the application of view integration to the blockchain research area, where stakeholders can have different views on the same blockchain.


A Blockchain Research Framework
An established research framework is adapted to structure the insights of the current body of research on blockchain technology, the present research scope as well as disregarded topics are outlined, and multidisciplinary research approaches are sketched out.
Sidechains and interoperability
It is found that although there is a plethora of blockchains and interoperability implementations, or proposals, at a higher level of abstraction there is only a handful of approaches and the way they are implemented can differ quite substantially.
Blockchain And The Future of the Internet: A Comprehensive Review
This goal is to cover the evolution of blockchain-based systems that are trying to bring in a renaissance in the existing, mostly centralized, space of network applications, and highlight various common challenges, pitfalls, and shortcomings that can occur.
Inter Blockchain Communication: A Survey
A survey of all the available cross blockchain communication solutions is discussed with a comparison of the proposed architectures, which significantly increases and solves scalability and connectivity issues in the blockchain platforms.
Towards Scalable and Private Industrial Blockchains
This paper proposes a novel blockchain architecture devised specifically to meet industrial standards that leverages the notion of satellite chains that can privately run different consensus protocols in parallel - thereby considerably boosting the scalability premises of the system.
A Taxonomy of Blockchain-Based Systems for Architecture Design
This taxonomy captures major architectural characteristics of blockchains and the impact of their principal design decisions and is intended to help with important architectural considerations about the performance and quality attributes of blockchain-based systems.
Internet of Blockchains: Techniques and Challenges Ahead
This paper envision the inception of Internet of Blockchains (IoB), where homogeneous and heterogeneous decentralized networks communicate to facilitate cross-chain transactions of value, data and state transition and discusses interledger techniques that are essential for enabling industry-scale blockchain networks as well as achieving scalable interconnectivity between disparate, distributed ledgers.
Cross-Blockchain Technologies : Review , State of the Art , and Outlook
The current state of the art in the field of cross-blockchain technologies is reviewed, including the own work within the TAST research project, to answer former open questions from today’s perspective, and give an outlook of current challenges and possible future work.