A Survey of the Path Partition Conjecture

  title={A Survey of the Path Partition Conjecture},
  author={Marietjie Frick},
  booktitle={Discuss. Math. Graph Theory},
  • M. Frick
  • Published in Discuss. Math. Graph Theory 1 March 2013
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
Abstract The Path Partition Conjecture (PPC) states that if G is any graph and (λ1, λ2) any pair of positive integers such that G has no path with more than λ1 + λ2 vertices, then there exists a partition (V1, V2) of the vertex set of G such that Vi has no path with more than λi vertices, i = 1, 2. We present a brief history of the PPC, discuss its relation to other conjectures and survey results on the PPC that have appeared in the literature since its first formulation in 1981. 
Extended Path Partition Conjecture for Semicomplete and Acyclic Compositions
A conjecture stronger than PPC is introduced using a property first studied by Bang-Jensen, Nielsen and Yeo (2006) and it is shown that the stronger conjecture holds for wide families of acyclic and semicomplete compositions.
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This paper presents brief discussions of ten of my favorite, well-known, and not so well-known conjectures and open problems in graph theory, including (1) the 1963 Vizing’s Conjecture about the
The Path Partition Conjecture is True and its Validity Yields Upper Bounds for Detour Chromatic Number and Star Chromatic Number
The detour order of a graph $G$, denoted $\tau(G)$, is the order of a longest path in $G$. A partition $(A, B)$ of $V(G)$ such that $\tau(\langle A \rangle) \leq a$ and $\tau(\langle B \rangle) \leq


The directed path partition conjecture
The Directed Path Partition Conjecture is the following: If D is a digraph that contains no path with more than λ vertices then, for every pair (a, b) of positive integers with λ = a + b, there
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On a cycle partition problem
  • M. Nielsen
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Discret. Math.
  • 2008
Path Partitions and Pn-free Sets
Abstract The detour order τ(G) of a graph G is the order of a longest path of G. A partition (A, B) of V is called an (a, b)-partition of G if τ(G[A]) ≤ a and τ(G[B]) ≤ b. The Path Partition
Graphs with not all possible path-kernels
Longest path partitions in generalizations of tournaments
A path(ological) partition problem
It is shown that several classes of graphs have this partition property and the vertex set V (G) can be partitioned into two subsets V1 and V2 such that τ(G[V1] ≤ k1 and τ( G[V2]) ≤ k2.
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