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A Survey of the Health Issues of Friesian Horses

  title={A Survey of the Health Issues of Friesian Horses},
  author={K Evans},
The Friesian is a noble and historic breed of horse which has a devoted following of breed admirers who have cared for the breed through it’s long and troublesome past, including a period of near extinction during the early 20th century. In recent years, the Friesian horse community has seen a significant number of breeding stallions dying unexpectedly at a young age. In addition, anecdotal evidence seems to show that the Friesian breed as a whole may be suffering from unexpected and premature… 

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A cross-sectional study of colic in horses on thoroughbred training premises in the British Isles in 1997.

The aim of this study was to estimate the incidence of colic in horses in Thoroughbred training premises in 1997 in the British Isles and to investigate any association between premises level variables and colic.

Epidemiological clues to preventing colic.

Risk factors for enterolithiasis among horses in Texas.

Breed and diet appear to influence the risk of enteringolithiasis; other management factors also may influence development of enteroliths.

Inbreeding effects in wild populations.

On rules and regulations.

In the times so contentious and hedged round with regulation of all sort, working relationships that ought to be relaxed and gracious are being contained by a spate of rules.

horses in Texas

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