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A Survey of University of Ilorin Students’ Use of Mobile Phone in Lecture rooms and its Implications in Education for Nigeria Development.

  title={A Survey of University of Ilorin Students’ Use of Mobile Phone in Lecture rooms and its Implications in Education for Nigeria Development.},
  author={Amali Ismaila.Onche.O. and B. BelloMuhinat and H. Ibrahim},
  journal={Journal of Education and Practice},
The study surveyed students of University of Ilorin’s use of mobile phones in relation to how they are used in lecture rooms during lecture.  The objectives are to establish how the use of mobile phones affects interactive processes of lecture rooms and its implications for the teaching and learning processes in the University. A researcher drawn questionnaire was used to sample the opinions of the students. A total of three hundred and seventy-eight (378) students were randomly selected from… Expand

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