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A Survey of Sexual Knowledge, Attitudes, Desire and Behavior among University Students

  title={A Survey of Sexual Knowledge, Attitudes, Desire and Behavior among University Students},
  author={Yi-Chieh Lee and Jia-Yi Hung and Jian-Kang Chao and Ming-Der Shi and Su-Ching Sung and Mi-Chia Ma and I-Hsin Candy Chao},
Sexual health (SH) and sexual behavior of young people have become a growing public concern. But few studies have been conducted to investigate the prevalence and psychosocial correlates of this phenomenon. Purpose: To understand college students’ sexual knowledge (SK), sexual attitudes (SA), sexual desire (SD) and sexual behavior (SB). Methods: A self-reported questionnaire survey on SK, SA, SD, and SB was conducted among 520 university students. Their demographic data, SK, SA, SD, and SB were… 

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HIV/AIDS Awareness Among Young Adults in Hong Kong: The Roles of Knowledge, Acceptance and Stigma
  • Fan Zhang, L. Chung
  • Education
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2021
In mediation pathway analysis, the results show that participants’ greater knowledge about HIV is associated with higher awareness, and this relationship is partially mediated by the knowledge-related increase in accepting attitudes toward the people with HIV, but not via reducing stigma.


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The unmarried migrant female workers in China lack sexual knowledge and a substantial proportion of them are engaged in premarital sexual behaviors, and interventions aimed at improving theirSexual knowledge and related skills are needed.
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Sex knowledge, attitudes, and high-risk sexual behaviors among unmarried youth in Hong Kong indicated that being older, coming from a divorced family, out of school status and liberal attitudes toward risky sex behavior were more likely to engage in premarital sex or high- risk sex behaviors, and being female, being better educated and being immigrants were less likely.
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Logistic regression models show a positive and significant association between the perception of friends' sexual behavior and the likelihood of adolescent premarital sex engagement, which suggests that HIV prevention and health promotion programs for youth need to take friendship networks and social context into consideration.
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Exploring the relationship between premarital sex and cigarette/alcohol use among college students in Taiwan: a cohort study
The results indicate liberal premarital sexual attitudes and stressful personal events are also significantly associated with premarITAL sexual activity, suggesting health promotion programs for college students need to take developmental and gender perspectives into account.
The relationship between sexual behavior and nonsexual risk behaviors among unmarried youth in three Asian cities.