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A Survey of Music Performance Anxiety: Definition, Causes and Treatments

  title={A Survey of Music Performance Anxiety: Definition, Causes and Treatments},
  author={Lacey Hutchison Marye},
Bu arastirma muzik ogretmeni adaylarin muzik performans kaygilarinin cinsiyete, yasa, mezun olunan liseye ve sinif duzeylerine gore farklilasip farklilasmadigini ve muzik ogretmeni adaylarinin muzikExpand
Ansiedad escénica musical en profesorado de conservatorio: frecuencia y análisis por género
espanolLa ansiedad escenica musical es un problema al que se suele enfrentar la mayoria de los interpretes musicales, tanto profesorado como alumnado. La literatura cientifica indica que suExpand
Piloting a New Model for Treating Music Performance Anxiety: Training a Singing Teacher to Use Acceptance and Commitment Coaching With a Student
ACC appears to be a promising MPA intervention that can be administered by a music teacher without training or education in psychotherapy, and it may help schools who do not employ psychologists and are therefore unable to follow best practice guidelines for treating MPA. Expand
Understanding Wellbeing Among College Music Students and Amateur Musicians in Western Switzerland
An overview of musicians’ wellbeing in Western Switzerland demonstrates that, while music making can offer some health protective effects, there is a need for greater health awareness and promotion among advanced music students. Expand
The Effect of Parameters on Composition Anxiety.
Perceived Enablers and Barriers to Optimal Health among Music Students: A Qualitative Study in the Music Conservatoire Setting
It is suggested that continued work is required to embed health and wellbeing support as an integral component of conservatoire education, raising awareness so that all students are fully informed of where, and how, to seek the information or help that they may need. Expand
Music Majors And Meditation Practice: A Phenomenological Study
The purpose of this phenomenological study was to examine undergraduate and graduate music majors’ perceived experiences while learning and practicing a meditation technique. Guiding researchExpand
Career and Talent Development Self-Efficacy Scale: Adaptation and Validation in the Turkish Population
Article History: Received 05.11.2014 Received in revised form 26.11.2014 Accepted 18.12.2014 Available online 01.01.2015 The aim of the study is to adapt and conduct reliability and validity studiesExpand
Music Performance Anxiety Scale for High School Students: Validity and Reliability Study
This study aims to develop a Music Performance Anxiety Scale (MPAS) for high school students, and to conduct a validity and reliability study. In this respect, a scale will be developed to be usedExpand


Anxiety Disorders and Phobias
According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-4th edition (DSM-IV-TR, American Psychiatric Association, 2000) there are more than a dozen anxiety disorders and phobias whichExpand
Electric Fields of the Brain: The Neurophysics of Eeg
1. The physics-EEG interface 2. Fallacies in EEG 3. An overview of electromagnetic fields 4. Electric fields and currents in biological tissue 5. Current sources in a homogeneous and isotropic mediumExpand
The cognitive side of anxiety
Building from a differentiation of the dimensions of cognition (prepostions/content, operations, products, structures), a cognitive component model of anxiety is proposed and described. The modelExpand
Gender Differences in Children’s Experience of Musical performance Anxiety
The purpose of this study was to examine musical performance anxiety in children, with a focus on potential gender differences. Twenty-six sixth-grade students performing in a piano recital wereExpand
Music and the Brain