A Survey of Memristive Threshold Logic Circuits

  title={A Survey of Memristive Threshold Logic Circuits},
  author={Akshay Kumar Maan and Deepthi Anirudhan Jayadevi and A. P. James},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems},
In this paper, we review different memristive threshold logic (MTL) circuits that are inspired from the synaptic action of the flow of neurotransmitters in the biological brain. The brainlike generalization ability and the area minimization of these threshold logic circuits aim toward crossing Moore’s law boundaries at device, circuits, and systems levels. Fast switching memory, signal processing, control systems, programmable logic, image processing, reconfigurable computing, and pattern… 
Perspective: A review on memristive hardware for neuromorphic computation
Neuromorphic computation is one of the axes of parallel distributed processing, and memristor-based synaptic weight is considered as a key component of this type of computation. However, the material
Hierarchical Temporal Memory Using Memristor Networks: A Survey
A survey of the currently available hardware designs for implementation of the human cortex inspired algorithm, Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM), focusing on the state-of-the-art advances of memristive HTM implementation and related HTM applications.
Memristor Threshold Logic FFT Circuits
Through this chapter, memris‐ tor‐based resistive threshold logic family of gates that inspire from brain‐like large vari‐ able logic functions is introduced and a processing unit that can compute Fourier transform of a given set of inputs was developed.
On Synthesizing Memristor-Based Logic Circuits With Minimal Operational Pulses
This paper proposes a synthesis algorithm to deal with the fanout problems in memristor-based logic circuits using implication logic gates for having a minimal number of operational pulses, and shows that the proposed algorithm can reduce 29% operational pulses and 36% Memristor count on average compared with the state-of-the-art.
A Digital In-Analogue Out Logic Gate Based on Metal-Oxide Memristor Devices
A novel proof-of-concept memristor-based Digital-In-Analogue-Out logic circuit is demonstrated and preliminary results highlighting the effect of non-uniform non-linear Memristor IV characteristics that result in device-to-device behavioural variation are presented.
A Comprehensive Study on the Characteristics, Complex Materials and Applications of Memristor
  • N. Nithya, K. Paramasivam
  • Chemistry
    2020 6th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS)
  • 2020
This review paper throws research highlights on the characteristics, complex materials used for fabrication, various applications and approaches of memristor.
Practical Implementation of Memristor-Based Threshold Logic Gates
A physical implementation of a memristor-based current-mode TLG (MCMTLG) circuit is introduced and its design and operation is validated through multiple experimental setups and it shows a promise as an alternative hardware-friendly implementation of artificial neural networks.
Memristor Threshold Logic: An Overview to Challenges and Applications
This overview paper highlights broadly provides the uses of memristor in the implementation of cognitive cells for different imaging and pattern matching applications.
Multi-level memristive memory with resistive networks
  • A. Irmanova, A. P. James
  • Computer Science
    2017 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PrimeAsia)
  • 2017
A new design of discrete state memory cell consisting of sub-cells constructed from a memristor and its resistive network and this realization of multilevel memory provides increased number of output levels compared to previous designs of memory technologies based on memristors.
Memristor-CNTFET based ternary logic gates


Leveraging Memristive Systems in the Construction of Digital Logic Circuits
In this work, memristor-based digital logic holds great potential for high-density and energy-efficient computing through its potential use in dense programmable logic circuits.
NDR based threshold logic fabric with memristive synapses
This paper deals with the utilization of one such system built from NDR based circuitry, specifically the Goto pair, in the implementation of a programmable threshold logic array (PTLA).
Programmable CMOS/Memristor Threshold Logic
This paper proposes a hybrid CMOS/memristor implementation of a programmable threshold logic gate. In this gate, memristive devices implement ratioed diode-resistor logic, while CMOS circuitry is
Design and Synthesis of Ultralow Energy Spin-Memristor Threshold Logic
A threshold logic gate performs weighted sum of multiple inputs and compares the sum with a threshold. We propose spin-memristor threshold logic (SMTL) gates, which employ a memristive cross-bar
Memristor based programmable threshold logic array
This work utilized memristors in the realization of power and area efficient programmable threshold gates and proposed new threshold gate-array architecture achieves an average power reduction and area reduction when compared to look-up-table based logic with some delay penalty.
An Energy-Efficient Memristive Threshold Logic Circuit
This work utilizes memristors as weights in the realization of low-power Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) using threshold logic which is necessary not only for low power embedded systems, but also realizing biological applications using threshold Logic.
Overview: Memristive devices, circuits and systems
  • G. Rose
  • Chemistry
    Proceedings of 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
  • 2010
This paper will provide an overview of memristors and memristive systems with a particular focus on applications for emerging VLSI circuits and systems.
Switching dynamics in titanium dioxide memristive devices
Memristive devices are promising components for nanoelectronics with applications in nonvolatile memory and storage, defect-tolerant circuitry, and neuromorphic computing. Bipolar resistive switches
Memristive Threshold Logic Circuit Design of Fast Moving Object Detection
A new resistive switching-based threshold logic cell which encodes the pixels of a template image which shows improved performance in area, leakage power, power dissipation, and delay.
Fabrication and testing of memristive devices
Initial efforts at fabricating the memristor devices show that the devices do exhibit the characteristic hysteresis loop in their I-V plots, and further refinement in the devices to achieve stronger hysteresa will be carried out as future work.