A Survey of Handoff Performance in Mobile IP


Increasingly the access networks will be heterogeneous, and the IP layer, which will be the integrating common layer across the networks, will need to deal with different access topologies. Since different access networks will offer varying bandwidth capabilities, the resulting traffic profiles will be varying as well. Adaptation of (and, to) handoff is one of the keys requirements stipulated by the technology developers. Mobile IP is designed to support the mobility of a user, it is the only current means for offering seamless roaming to mobile computers in the Internet. In this paper, we give a brief survey of Mobile IP operation and functions, as well as proposed Pi- Calculus algorithm of Enhancement Mobile IP (E-Mobile IP) handoff mechanism using Link Layer Information to enhance the performance in term of packet loss and handoff latency.

DOI: 10.1109/EMS.2009.29

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