A Survey of Corporate Governance

  title={A Survey of Corporate Governance},
  author={Andrei Shleifer and Robert W. Vishny},
  journal={Organizations \& Markets eJournal},
This article surveys research on corporate governance, with special attention to the importance of legal protection of investors and of ownership concentration in corporate governance systems around the world. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE DEALS WITH the ways in which suppliers of finance to corporations assure themselves of getting a return on their investment. How do the suppliers of finance get managers to return some of the profits to them? How do they make sure that managers do not steal the… 

Corporate Governance in Germany: An Economic Perspective

A financial system can only perform its function of channelling funds from savers to investors if it offers sufficient assurance to the providers of the funds that they will reap the rewards which

Is Corporate Governance Different for Bank Holding Companies?

1. INTRODUCTION In the wake of the recent corporate scandals, corporate governance practices have received heightened attention. Shareholders, creditors, regulators, and academics are examining the

Corporate Governance

Both those who are critical of the current structure of corporate governance, and those who support it, share a common set of prenaises. The corporation is owned by its shareholders: managers exert

How Can Corporate Governance Control Enterprise’s Financial Risk?

Financial Crisis in 2008 raised the debate again of whether corporate governance failure should be blamed. Lots of research has discussed the close relationships between corporate governance and risk

What Do Corporations Owe Citizens?

Institutional investors occupy an important location in the corporate governance system in countries with high shareholding, such as the US. As these are also countries where pensions are heavily

What Is Corporate Governance and Why Is It Receiving More Attention ?

The literature shows that good corporate governance generally pays—for firms, for markets, and for countries. It is associated with a lower cost of capital, higher returns on equity, greater

Auditors Consideration of Corporate Governance

In modern business world, companies need to attract a large number of shareholders because of the large amount of required capital. In these companies, shareholders hire managers to direct the firm

Bank Ownership and Risk Taking: Improving Corporate Governance in Banking after the Crisis

Some have suggested that weaknesses in bank corporate governance played a prominent role in the recent financial crisis, most notably through poorly designed executive compensation packages and from

Corporate Governance in Developing Economies

Corporate governance issues are especially important in developing economies, since these countries do not have a strong, long-established financial institution infrastructure to deal with corporate

Importance of Corporate Governance in Socially Responsible Behaviour of Enterprises

Many organisations have already realised that if they want to be successful, they must have a sense of responsibility not only for their business activities, but also for the whole society. That



Capital markets and corporate control: a study of France, Germany and the UK

This paper examines the relation between capital markets and corporate control in France, Germany and the UK. It compares levels of takeover activity in the three countries and describes the degree

Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance

A combined treatment of corporate finance and corporate governance is herein proposed. Debt and equity are treated not mainly as alternative financial instruments, but rather as alternative

Hail Britannia?: Institutional Investor Behavior Under Limited Regulation

We explore the role that legal restrictions and path dependence play in determining a country's corporate governance and finance through a case study of institutional investors in the United Kingdom.

Voting in Corporate Law

ONE of the themes of The Modern Corporation and Private Property is that managers use the machinery of voting to seize control of corporations. Managers name the slates of candidates and control the

Corporate Financial Patterns in Industrializing Economies. A Coparative International Study

Abstract In the first large-scale comparative studies of corporate financing patterns of large firms in leading developing countries (DCs), Singh and Hamid (1992) and Singh (1995) arrived at some

Ownership of the Firm

In modern economies, large-scale enterprise exhibits a variety of ownership forms. Most common and familiar is ownership by those persons -- individuals or organizations -- that supply the firm with

Takeovers: Their Causes and Consequences

Economic analysis and evidence indicate that the market for corporate control is benefiting shareholders, society, and the corporate form of organization. The value of transactions in this market ran